70 Fall Activities

You know those days when it starts to get chilly, it’s harder to play outside and your kids start getting stir crazy? Or those cozy, Fall days where you want to celebrate your time together with a warm memory? Me too! Plus, my oldest is 4 right now and so into fun, special activities with his mama, especially since he’s got a 2 year old brother and another sibling on the way! I wanted to compile a list of Fall activities for us to complete together, just us two or with the whole family, to help make this the first of many memorable years for him. This is when my childhood memories start, I bet his will come from around this age too!

So, I headed to the mecca of ideas (Pinterest) and found some amazingly unique and simple Fall activities to complete…70 of them! Did you know the Fall season is actually about 90 days long? Whether you think of it as September 1st to November 30th, or you use the actual dates of about 9/23/19 to 12/23/19, that’s a whole lot of days available to be conveniently devoted to one particular theme. The teacher in me wanted to create a long list to choose from, but also leave room for freedom and exploration, or celebration, on your off days. So, here we are! You now have a list of 70 different activities at your disposal, ranging across: outdoor, indoor, creating, painting, reading, exploring your senses, and traveling into the community! Activities with specific directions are linked throughout the list. Otherwise, use your imagination or comment below with any questions!


Download the PDF here to check activities off as you go.

At home, general activities:

  • Go for a nature walk to collect Fall items (see Creation activities for ways to use what you collect!).
  • Help rake leaves and then jump in!
  • Play I Spy outside, looking for Fall items.
  • Make a fort on a rainy day.
  • Have an indoor picnic on a chilly, wet day.
  • Jump in puddles.
  • Have a Halloween cookie decorating party.
  • Stay in pajamas all day.
  • Make applesauce.
  • Make a homemade pie.
  • Make homemade cinnamon donuts.
  • Drink homemade hot chocolate.
  • Drink warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick to stir.
  • Go on a Fall scavenger hunt outside.

Field trip Activities

  • Visit the library and take out 5 Halloween books.
  •  Go to a football game.
  •  Complete a local or your own Turkey Trot walk/race.
  •  Go to a corn maze.
  •  Visit the library and take out 5 Thanksgiving books.
  •  Visit a pumpkin patch.
  •  Visit an apple orchard.
  •  Visit a farm.

Sensory Activities

Creation & Fine Motor Activities

Getting ready for Winter & a New Year


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