Seasonal Discomfort Shots

How did I use essential oils?
I never had seasonal discomfort until I moved to Western, NY (itchy eyes, sneezing, etc.)…it’s something I still fight year after year and try to deny. This year, in my attempts to cut down on chemicals that come in contact with my body, I decided to try something new. So, I tried an essential oil “shot” with 3 of the most widely-used essential oils out there; lemon, lavender, and peppermint (LLP) can be used for SO many things!
Lemon is a great cleanser and can be used aromatically, topically, or internally. It helps to clean the inside of your body or surfaces around your house! It is also good for removing sticky residue on furniture and other surfaces, uplifting your mood, and supporting respiratory function!
Peppermint supports healthy respiratory function and clear breathing when taken internally (hence the shot!). It is also wonderful for digestive support (keep it in your car for post-meals and long car rides) and perking you up in the afternoon. You can also add a drop to your tongue for refreshing breath.
Lavender is calming and relaxing for many people. It is soothing: it can be applied to occasional skin irritations or inhaled/diffused to reduce anxious feelings.
Look for future blog posts on how to use these oils in other ways!
This is what this seasonal discomfort “shot” looks like:
allergies pinterestEvery morning, I would put the drops in a shot glass, top it with water, and drink it!
And the result…?
I definitely noticed a difference and the peppermint is refreshing, so that was an extra perk when taking it in the morning. After a couple of days of trying this method, I also noticed that my husband was having terrible allergy symptoms as well. So, I suggested he take an allergy shot with me and…wouldn’t you know it helped him too! After work, I asked how it had gone and he said he felt better AND he was in a considerably better mood about it than the day before.
You could also:
  • put the drops in your palms, rub them together and inhale
  • diffuse
  • or, put them on topically (neck, chest, forehead – avoid peppermint near/in your eyes!)

I preferred to take them internally as I get a wicked itch on the roof of my mouth during my worst days and I felt that I had the best results when the oils came in contact with that part of my mouth.


How do YOU use lemon, lavender and peppermint?

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