Candida Cleanse Update!

Throughout my candida cleanse, I made sure to pay attention how I was feeling and whether I noticed any changes. Sometimes it’s hard to see or notice changes during a cleanse, because they can be so minute and we might mistake them for something else. Below, you will find a recount of how I felt throughout my cleanse, using doTERRA’s GX Assist and PB Assist+ PLUS a restrictive diet (if you’re going to do something, might as well do it right!!).

Days 1-3

I was feeling great! Yes, tons of cravings – I think I was drooling at every commercial for food (ask the hubby). Even for terrible fast food, that I don’t even EAT! It was my brain in desperation mode, as it realized that I would be restricting myself. But, here’s the thing: your brain doesn’t know what it’s talking about. It’s all a mental game! It’s the idea that I’ll be restricted from eating certain foods that I just ate, that makes me think I need all of that food and usually leads to what the whole30 people call “Kill All The Things”. I have felt this anger in the past, but not this time around. I felt pretty darn great over the first 3 days! Here’s what I did that I think made it such a successful start:

  • I immediately cleaned up my diet. I meal-planned like I usually do, but I picked meals that I knew were already whole30 friendly and went a step further by adapting those meals to follow the restrictive diet I outlined here.
  • I made sure that I was drinking at least 32oz. of water with a drop or two of lemon essential oil in each glass throughout the day, and took my GX Assist pill with dinner at night.

NOTE: I also started drinking 8 oz. of water with a drop of lemon EO in it right when I woke up. I used to do this with lemon juice and fresh ginger a while back, to help with morning detox. See, your liver works hard to clean up what you put into your body. But, it also needs help since it’s usually cleaning up SO much! Some other reasons to start your day with lemon water: it supports the immune system, aids in digestion, reduces appetite, cleanses the urinary tract, and many more! Just Google it and you’ll find hundreds of accounts of the benefits of lemon water. I choose to get the lemon part from essential oils, though. I know that it’s super clean because it goes through rigorous testing, and it still gives me all the benefits of a lemon because….it comes from a lemon. Shocking realization, I know.

  • And, I took my GX Assist pill with dinner every night, chased by a glass of water with lemon EO.

No ill effects! I felt totally fine after taking one pill, right up until the next night when I took it again!

How about Days 4-10 (the rest of my GX Assist schedule)?

Still felt great! I said to the hubby on Day 6, Do you realize I haven’t had even one tiny bit of sugar? AT ALL? I haven’t even had FRUIT?? DO YOU REALIZE THAT?? He didn’t really care, but I thought it was a huge feat. I had never done something like that before; even the whole30 lets you have limited fruit! But, I didn’t want to feed the dreaded candida, so I cut it alllll out. Now, would I suggest not having sugar every day, all the time? Nope. I think my body (and my sanity) needs it on some level (in moderation, of course). Check out Empowered Sustenance’s post on why this might be so.

I also started taking two GX Assist pills on Day 4 and continued that until Day 10. I took one after lunch and one after dinner, both times with a lot of water. No ill effects!

One thing I did notice throughout those 10 days was that my stomach was a little gurgly after dinner. We usually lounge around and watch TV to veg out, and I would notice that my stomach was making a lot of noises while we were trying to catch up on our DVR. It wasn’t gas and I didn’t have to go to the bathroom…I just imagined that it was the candida dying off (insert evil-faced emoji here).

NOTE: In addition to my constant glasses of water with lemon, I was also applying DigestZen to my stomach regularly when I noticed the gurgling. One day was worse than others, so I took a drop of lemon and DigestZen in my water and was good to go in about an hour! It helped to move things along 😉

Days 11-15 (the final third of the journey)

It wasn’t until I started taking PB Assist+, doTERRA’s probiotic pill, that I started noticing some different reactions. My stomach was more gurgly and I was having difficulty going to the bathroom regularly. However, to put things in perspective…we were also snowed in to our house and under a travel ban for the last third of my cleanse so I was missing out on regular exercise (I walk around my school tons of times every single day, and I was not getting to do that), a normal routine, and adequate sleep. We were forced to shovel an exorbitant of snow and try to figure out what the heck was happening in our town, all while trapped inside our home…talk about stressful. So, I chalk up any ill effects (and, let’s be honest…no effects were really that bad) to a stressful and drastically different environment.

What went well?

  • Sticking to the diet – you gotta just DO IT! I was pretty proud of myself.
  • Recognizing that when I was hungry, I needed to eat. From my whole30 experiences, I’ve learned that it’s easy to eat too little on a cleanse. We’re so afraid of eating the wrong thing, or eating too much of something. But, what we forget is that we’ve cut out a lot of foods that we would normally eat on a daily basis and they need to be replaced with something! So, I tried to eat a lot of fat throughout the day to help keep the amount and quality of food that I took in up to par. I ate a half to a whole avocado and probably 7-8 tablespoons of coconut oil or ghee. I also ate a whole batch of the best deviled eggs ever. By myself. (Post to follow!) Fat is super important to satiety (feeling satisfied!) and to our health!
  • Recognizing that when I had a craving, it was just a craving. The reason I bring this up is because we usually eat what we want when we want. And sometimes, we eat when we’re not even hungry.This is something else I learned over my whole30 experiences…when I want to eat something in particular and I convince myself that I’m hungry, I ask myself whether I would want to make eggs instead and eat those. If I then think, Yea – I would DEFINITELY eat some eggs!, then I go ahead and eat (the eggs). If I think, Ehhh, I’m not that hungry…, then what I’m experiencing is just a craving. It’s a classic “do I need it/do I just want it” scenario. It’s all about how you think, people!
  • Staying motivated! I felt empowered and in control. I also felt like I was maybe recognizing some minute changes….
  • As far as symptoms that I was targeting:
    • My acne cleared up considerably, despite a little breakout period during our stressful house arrest (can you blame my face?)
    • ZERO headaches, and I had been suffering from some terrible migraines lately
    • Negative bloating
    • Stable mood
    • Regulated appetite
    • GREAT energy
    • ZERO allergy symptoms

So, what did I struggle with?

  • Giving up coffee. That was a whole other ball of wax which would have led to extreme headaches and other terrible symptoms. So, I ended up still imbibing in coffee in the morning, but I tried to have less and less each day.
  • Remembering to take my pills, especially when we were dealing with the storm! I was so stressed and distracted.
  • Cravings around Day 13. Just try to imagine the mental nightmare it was to be stuck at home for 4 days ON TOP OF being on a restrictive diet. Not a pretty picture inside this head, I tell ya.

And post-cleanse?

I will fully admit that coming back to reality after a cleanse is super hard. Everything that you’ve been avoiding is now staring you square in the face saying, you can eat me NOW! I did my best to introduce things slowly. I was missing my raw milk, and I had made about a gallon of ice cream from our weekly milk pick-up already. I was ready to drink it!! I was also ready for some wine. My appetite control went a little bit out the window and my irritability came back a bit, too…We’re all human, people! Surprisingly, my allergy symptoms came back pretty quickly, also! The roof of my mouth was itchy in the mornings again, within about a day or so. I’ve managed to not have a headache and my energy level hasn’t been too bad.


We’re PREGNANT!!!!

I didn’t know at the time but a test a few weeks later confirmed! Exactly what I was hoping for (insert heart eye emoji).

All-in-all I’d say a successful cleanse! Have you tried this cleanse before? What were your experiences? Comment below so we can share!

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  1. Did you take the GX Assist up until day 15?

    Want to do a cleanse and trying to figure out your protocol.

    • You are only supposed to take GX Assist for 10 days at a time. I took it for the first 10 days of my candida cleanse and then took PB Assist for the last 5 days. I also started out slow and only took one pill a day until day 4 when I felt fine and decided I wanted to try upping my dosage. At that point I started taking 2 a day until day 10. It went great!

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