Homemade Diffuser Necklaces

There are some beautiful diffuser necklaces available through Etsy or other specialty stores on line. But, have you ever considered making your own diffuser necklace? It’s super easy to do! You can get the materials from your local craft store or on line and it’s cost-efficient 🙂

I choose to use clay for my inserts because I like how it soaks up the oil and the scent lasts forever. I usually put a drop or two on in the morning and I’m good until I get home. People also use leather or felt inserts as vessels to absorb the oil and release its scent. It’s all up to your preference!

diffuser necklace


necklace chain or leather strap

diffuser charm (There are some beautiful ones available through Amazon or Joann Fabrics!)

air dry clay, white or terra cotta

rolling pin

freezer paper

cookie cutters, toothpicks, stamps, etc.


Roll the clay out between two sheets of freezer paper, making sure only the glossy side is touching the clay. Continue rolling until the clay is 1/8-1/4 inch in thickness. Make sure you double check that whatever width you’ve rolled out will fit inside your diffuser charm. If making a clay charm, consider leaving your clay thicker so that it is less brittle.

Use a cookie cutter to cut the clay into the shape and size you need. I use circular cookie cutters that fit nicely inside of the two diffuser charms shown below.

Carve some designs into the top of the clay using a stamp, toothpick, or smaller cookie cutter. This helps the oil to soak in easily.

Allow the clay to dry for approximately 3 days (check the recommendations on the container). Once it has hardened, use sandpaper to smooth and rough patches and wipe with a wet cloth to get rid of the dust.

Voila – diffuser inserts or charms! Be sure to make a few inserts so that you can rotate scents from day to day!





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