How Essential Oils got me into/through my second labor

I was 40+6 (40 weeks and 6 days) with Gestational Diabetes and one spontaneous, unmedicated birth under my belt. I desperately wanted to deliver my second baby spontaneously, and to avoid medication as much as I could. Because of the dangers of the GD, I had reluctantly scheduled an induction date and time to keep the baby safe. But, I was dreading 7am the next day with every fiber of my being.

That week, I was massaging pressure points like it was my job, trying to induce labor. I hit all the popular places and I did it all day long.

I walked, took baths, relaxed…you name it, I tried it. I was desperate.

The morning of 40+6, I whipped out my oil stash from my hospital overnight bag, grabbing Clary Sage and Jasmine Touch. I knew those two oils could help support me during contractions by calming my mind and supporting my body through its natural transitions. I was already home with my son, lounging in pajamas and soaking up our last day of it being just me and him <3 I massaged the oils into my belly and onto my inner ankles. And then, I waited.

About an hour later, I started to feeling some intense gas pains. I tried going to the bathroom and changing my lounge position, but nothing alleviated it. I tried to breathe through it, smiling at my sweet boy to let him know everything was OK. A half hour later, I realized that the gas pains were coming and going with consistency and that these might not be gas pains at all… I began timing their duration and was OVERJOYED to see that they were regular! They were CONTRACTIONS! I contacted my hubby so he knew to leave work and we were out of the house within an hour. And then, an hour after arriving at the hospital he was born!!

Essential oils absolutely helped me through that last day of pregnancy, and I am so grateful to them. But, they weren’t my only support. In fact, I had tons of essential oils ready to help me through the pain and discomfort but I never ended up using them! I had read HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method and practiced my calm breathing through the contractions. It was so beautiful!

Having done this 2, (now working on 3) times, I feel as though I have some great experience with what works during pregnancy. Visit this post to see more of what I recommend during the entire pregnancy. Plus, I compiled all of that experience into an easy-to-follow chart that you can save right to your computer and refer to any time you want. You could even print it out and stick it on your fridge! Get your copy here.

Do you have your own birth story involving essential oils? Comment below or email me at I’d love to hear your experience!!

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