Mealplan Monday 10-20-14

mealplan monday 10-20

This week we had some AMAZING meals. The list of recipes is a little short as we were finishing up a long weekend of visitors and consequently  tons of leftovers. Plus, the following weekend we had a night out to play Cards Against Humanity with some friends AND a wedding. So, work in the kitchen was a little light this weeek. Because of that, I tried some new recipes!

This week’s meals:

Sunday – pizza night! Paleo Pizza with Mushrooms and Chicken

Monday – leftover pizza from Sunday

Tuesday – Salmon salad with tomatoes, peppers, and dill dressing

Wednesday – Perfectly-cooked Steak with greens

Thursday – Salmon melts with Horseradish mayo

Friday – Glazed Bacon Sweet Potatoes for our game night (also my #100DaysofEssentialOils post for Monday!!)

Saturday – wedding





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