Mealplan Mondays – 10/13/14

mealplan monday 10-13

This week went by SO fast! We ended up having double the amount of guests we had anticipated 🙂

My sister and her husband were scheduled to come for the long weekend. Then, we got the news that TWO of my aunts were coming out at different times during the week. My extended family hasn’t been able to see our new house, since we live across the state, so this was SUPER exciting! I also had to make sure that I had enough food for everyone, so some things that I had planned to cook went onto next week’s mealplan lineup. I also botched the meal I made on Wednesday for one aunt (it tasted fine – just didn’t look very pretty) so that recipe will be coming when I clean it up a bit. I also was spending time working on the blog and hosting my first ever class in the Autumn Essentials Facebook Summit, so this week was busy to say the least! Thank goodness for a long weekend and a Monday (the worst day) off from work!!


This week’s dinner menu:

Sunday – leftovers for me while the hubby was out and about!

Monday – Sausage, Peppers, and Artichoke Heart Salad

Tuesday – Buffalo Chicken Skewers and Roasted Potato Salad

Wednesday – Lemon-Sage Chicken (this one needs to be reworked as the “breading” didn’t stick – look for it in the future!!)

Thursday – Horseradish Chicken wings with mashed sweet potato, fermented carrots and salad

Friday – Butternut Squash Soup with Meatballs and Kale

Saturday – Bacon Burgers with Paleo Honey Wheat Buns, sweet potato fries and salad


Check out my Saturday Sweets recipe – Toasted Almond Joys!




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