Mealplan Mondays – 10/6/14

mealplan monday 10-6

This week I made meals with some of our favorite veggies, garnishes and seasonings: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, jalapenos, beets, chili powder, paprika, etc. It was a delicious week, if I do say so myself. There is one meal in particular that we LOVE and I can’t wait for you to try it. (Hint: look at Tuesday.) A few of these meals are from a cookbook I got over the summer that I just have not used enough yet – Paleo Happy Hour. If you don’t have it, buy it. There are so many delicious and innovate snacks (AND drink recipes! wink, wink) to have for a dinner in or a party! They even include party menus tailored to the specific event your having (e.g. Sunday football or a champagne brunch). How cute.

Disclaimer – If I have purchased these recipes through buying a cookbook or from a website I will not be sharing the specific ingredients or details because that would be like stealing from the creator! Do yourself a favor and buy the cookbooks. Believe me – they’re worth it.


This week’s dinner menu:

Sunday – Sausage and Sweet Potato Quiche

Monday – Roasted chicken with roasted broccoli and roasted beets (the meal I meant to make last Friday – I love when I have something already planned for when the next week comes up!)

Tuesday – ATTENTION, ATTENTION! If you have not tried butternut squash as a garnish on your pizza, you are missing out. Check out Butternut Squash and Ground Beef Pizza.

Wednesday – Burrito Bowls from Paleo Happy Hour

Thursday – Chicken breast with chipotle potato salad – super delicious

Friday – Chicken Satay with “peanut” sauce from Against All Grain and roasted broccoli

Saturday – Burgers with homemade honey rolls from Club Angell and kale. Also, check out my Saturday Sweets recipe: Banana Bread Macaroon ice cream!


Let me know how the recipes go!


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