Mealplan Mondays 9-29-14

Mealplan Monday 9-22


I am a recipe-aholic, I admit. However, I also admit that I rarely follow the ingredients or directions. I use what I have available and what is convenient for me. When my husband and I first met I didn’t even know how to cook a chicken breast. I was also a recovering vegetarian, so meat scared me half to death. Now, we participate in cow-shares, I’ve watched him cut up ducks in our dining room, and I handle raw chicken like a pro. I also have become much more comfortable in the kitchen as a cook. It was something I detested at first – who wants to cook when they get home from work? It’s been about 6 years in the making and, while I’ve gone through many stages (calorie-counting, junk food-eating, primal, paleo, and finally to my own happy medium), I have come to LOVE cooking. Sure, it gets annoying every once and a while, but it’s something I truly enjoy. Perhaps our new house and its layout help – I have tons of counter space and it’s open to the eat-in kitchen and family room, so I am never apart from my guests – but I think it’s also because I’ve become more comfortable experimenting with food. I often talk about what I make for dinner and get a lot of interested responses, so I thought I would share what I make on a weekly basis! I usually eat according to typical primal/paleo guidelines, mainly grain free and gluten free. I do use dairy, but only raw milk from a local farm with grass-fed cows and organic cheese when I splurge and make something that calls for it. I also use organic, raw honey, pure maple syrup or organic cane sugar for treats when I make them. Although I have many “rules” about what I cook, people seem to like what I make (especially the hubby)! Hopefully you can find something you will enjoy here too!


This week’s dinner menu:

Sunday – Pork meatloaf with carrots, cabbage, and shredded apple, homemade fermented carrots, and tomatoes in olive oil

Monday – Apple-Mustard Chicken with squash

Tuesday – Chicken nuggets and roasted sweet potatoes and homemade sauerkraut

Wednesday – I planned to have leftovers today because the hubby has had a busy week and was out of town for dinner tonight. In a later post I will detail how leftovers and our jumbo freezer have saved my sanity on many occasions. I am somewhat of a scavenger…

Thursday – 3-Squash Beef chili

Friday – Roasted Chicken with roasted broccoli and roasted beets (a new favorite of mine – roasted tomatoes are delish). Can you tell I love roasting things? Mom and dad came to visit and they offered to take us out to dinner! Lucky us 🙂

Saturday – Turkey Pumpkin Chili. Today was the hubby’s birthday so I cooked one of his FAVORITE meals and favored side dishes of all time.



Be sure to check out my Saturday Sweets next weekend!




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