My Daily EO Routine

When I first got started with doTERRA, I was a little intimidated because I wanted to use the oils all the time but didn’t know how! I felt like people who used them all day, every day were light-years ahead of me!

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But, now that I’ve become accustomed to them, I am one of those people and I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you! Check out how I use essential oils on a daily basis below.


  • My routine starts in the shower. I use doTERRA’s moisturizing bath bar, Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner.
  • After I shower, I use doTERRA’s anti-aging lotion and I dab my solar plexus with lemongrass essential oil. I also use a homemade Frankincense and Lavender lotion bar – so moisturizing.
  • I use doTERRA’s Healthy Hold Glaze in my hair before blowdrying and OnGuard natural toothpaste  to brush my teeth. 
  • After getting my son dressed, I apply Frankincense, On Guard, and Balance to his back for immune support and overall grounding.
  • Before I leave for work I apply one of my favored emotional support blends: Cheer, Serenity, Passion, and/or Motivate to my wrists and over my heart. I also add a drop of one of them to my diffuser necklace. These mood blends are part of what sold me on essential oils and their benefits.

Throughout the Day:

  • I continue to apply emotional support blends throughout the day, as needed.
  • I carry a glass water bottle with me and add a few drops of Lemon oil to help me to drink more water (taste), deter cravings, and to continue to help cleanse my insides.
  • I am CONSTANTLY diffusing On Guard in my office diffuser and I use the DIY On Guard hand cleansing spray ALL.THE.TIME (germs – ew).
  • I bite on a Peppermint or On Guard beadlet if I’m feeling like I need to freshen my breath and rub Peppermint or Past Tense on my neck and forehead for muscle tension.


  • Once I’m home, my emotions are usually good to go, so no more need for mood-balancing blends!
  • I try to diffuse something that goes with the season while I’m cooking (see this post on great winter blends), it’s typically On Guard though (can you sense my favoritism with this protective blend??)
  • I also like to cook with essential oils – see the recipes page for different recipes I’ve made with them!
  • With dinner, I take my LifeLong Vitality supplements with PB Assist+ probiotic and DDR Prime.
  • Before bed, I use the Oil Cleansing Method to wash my face. I use a mixture of 1:4 Castor oil: Jojoba oil with a drop of Frankincense, Cedarwood, Myrrh, and Geranium. This has done wonders to tame my sensitive skin, especially while pregnant. I only do this once a day – just a splash of water on my face in the morning.
  • Then, as I’m winding down for the night I apply a blend of calming essential oils (Serenity: the Restful Blend) to the bottoms of my son’s and my feet. Everyone gets Serenity in their diffusers too!
  • I also diffuse oils if we’re feeling under the weather – bet you can guess which one…On Guard!!

Remember to be smart and safe with your oils

I recommend using essential oils in small quantities and with more frequency and consistency for the best results/

Take care of yourself and make sure that you are using quality essential oils (I ONLY use one brand in particular because I am confident in their potency and quality).

Make sure that you are testing them in a smart fashion: try one oil at a time to see how you react to it. Trying multiple oils at one time means you won’t know what oil helped or hindered your situation.

It’s all about patience, trial and error, putting in the time…whatever you want to call it. I promise it’s worth it!!

That’s my daily routine…what’s yours?



Visit my page Purchasing Essential Oils for more information on how to join the world of essential oils!

Remember that these products have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Any essential oil product, recipe or protocol suggested here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.



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