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How do you NOT get excited about this stuff. I mean, seriously! doTERRA is such a fantastic company. From their business compensation plans, to their special promotions and monthly free products…I can’t get enough of them.

Here are some snapshots of the deals this month:

enroll in life nov Nov - PB assist and digestzen

This month they’ve brought back the “Enroll in Life” promotion. That’s where, if you enroll in a wholesale membership in November with an order of 100PV minimum, and then you place your first Loyalty Rewards Program order in December of at least 100PV, then you get the Lifelong Vitality Pack FREE! That’s a $93 value, so you are basically getting your money back! (Especially because shipping is essentially free – you get one point for every shipping dollar you spend under LRP, which you can use toward purchasing future oils!) This deal is just insane. People RAVE about these supplements. Heck, I wish I were signing up for new membership so that I could get them. Although I plan to try them soon, I am stocking up on new oils right now, AND I am super excited about something else that’s in my LRP cart…

PB Assist+. That was ALREADY in my LRP cart when I found out that it was their 10% off promotion this month. How lucky is that??

Why was I already planning on buying this product? Well, I’ve been experiencing a variety of health issues for a while now that have caused me to consider that I may have a candida overgrowth.

What is candida, you ask? It’s a natural bacteria that lives in your gut. But, when it goes unchecked and is allowed to multiply and live freely, it can wreak havoc on your immune system. This can present in a variety of ways: allergies, rashes, stomach issues, fertility problems, headaches, inflammation…the list goes on and on. (source)

Because I have been dealing with these symptoms for a while now, and have gone to great lengths to try to fix them in very natural ways, yet they are STILL HERE, I decided I needed to try a candida cleanse. Doing something like a whole30 can help with candida, too, because you are severely decreasing the amount of sugar your body takes in and therefore not feeding the beast. But, I’ve done whole30s and haven’t gotten the optimal results I’m looking for. So, here I go! And you, you lucky ducks, get to be along for the ride!

The best way to treat candida is to clean up your diet (look out for candida cleanse-friendly meals in the near future!), exercise, and repopulate your system with good bacteria (hence, PB Assist+).

Before trying PB Assist+, I will also be using GX Assist which is a precursor to this candida cleanse. GX Assist helps by “supporting natural detoxification through creating an unfriendly environment for toxins in the digestive tract.” (source) It is designed to be used for 10 days before PB Assist+, to get your digestive tract ready for new, healthy bacteria. You should also lots of water with Lemon essential oil daily, to help support your body through the cleansing process.

(Candida cleanse update)

Let’s get back to the monthly promotions though…

In addition to “Enroll in Life” and 10% off PB Assist+, the FREE product of the month is DigestZen. (I was also almost out of that and had planned on purchasing it! I swear, I have a cosmic connection with the powers at doTERRA…how else do these coincidences happen?) This means that if you place an LRP order for 125PV or more, you will also get a free DigestZen in the mail with your order. Amazing.

Now, don’t forget, new wholesale members from October…

You enrolled during the first month of “Enroll in Life” which means November is YOUR month to get your free Lifelong Vitality Pack! Be sure to place your LRP order for 100PV to get your free supplements this month. And, if you bump your LRP order up to 125PV, then you’ll get DigestZen, too!

Finally, I wanted to share with you MY November Gifts to YOU for becoming a wholesale member! (PROMOTION ENDED)

Because I just don’t know what gift could be any better, I am continuing to give away Modern Essentials minis to new wholesale members who join under me this month. It is a TREMENDOUS resource and I can’t imagine how you could start your oiling journey without it. You will also receive a goodie bag from me with the following:

  • FREE sample of my healing tallow balm (GREAT for your skin!)
  • FREE sample of Balance – the grounding blend (one oil I’ll be talking about in the Autumn Essential Facebook Summit!)
  • FREE sample of Elevation – the joyful blend (if you are having difficulty with happiness or balanced emotions, this is the oil for you!!)
  • FREE rollerball container for you to make your own blends with once you get your kit!

PLUS! Just like doTERRA will be giving you a FREE Lifelong Vitality Pack when you place your first LRP order of 100PV next month, I will also send you a FREE diffuser!! I use mine all the time, and I want you to be able to try one out too!

So, head to to get your wholesale membership, and I will put your goodie bag in the mail! Then, place an LRP order for 100PV next month and I’ll put your diffuser in the mail!

I know that all of these acronyms can get confusing, and you may not even be sure of how to order your oils now that you have a wholesale membership. If you have ANY questions or need ANY help, please contact me and I will walk you through it!! I would hate for you to miss out on all of this free product!!

Happy oiling!

Nov gifts

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