Saturday Sweets! Banana Bread Macaroon Ice Cream

banana bread macaroon ice creamWho doesn’t love sweets?

I might love them too much, actually. I’ve always have difficulty restricting myself when it comes to eating sweet or sugary things – it’s just so hard! With that being said, everyone deserves a treat every once and a while. I think it helps to keep good mental balance. (Or, maybe that’s just my excuse…)

This week I took a recipe I had pinned a while back from Empowered Sustenance and used it to make another recipe. This was my first time making her Banana Bread Macaroons and, oh, were they delicious! They’re dairy, grain, gluten, nut AND egg free! Insanity! I have learned to use bananas for many of my baked goods since I became paleo-ish….they’re sweet and add a great texture to recipes. This was no exception. However, I also happened to have a surplus of milk from the farm and a frozen ice cream maker attachment calling to me from the freezer downstairs. So, I decided to make the macaroons and then add them to some homemade ice cream. Yum is all I can say. I’ve been picking away at it every night!



1 batch of banana bread macaroons from Empowered Sustenance

3 cups milk (I used raw milk, but I actually really like coconut milk ice cream)

1/2 cup sweetener like honey or maple syrup

1 tsp. vanilla

a dash of sea salt



Follow the directions for making the macaroons precisely. Once they are mostly cooled, put them in the freezer to harden up. Then, put the cookies into a food processor to blend into small pieces (see picture). Get your ice cream mixture ready by pouring all ingredients into a bowl and whisking. Prepare the ice cream attachment (don’t take it out of the freezer until right when you need it – I learned that lesson the hard way). Pour the liquid in as it is running on “stir”, then dump in the cookie “dough”. Let the machine run for about 20-30 minutes. You should be able to hear when it is ready as the sound of the spinning changes tempo. Put in a freezable container and enjoy!

(Try not to eat it all in one sitting)



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