Supporting your pregnancy with essential oils

I’m all about the oils…I consider myself an oily mama. They’re on my kids, in our air, in my supplements… You better believe I’m using them during pregnancy to avoid medications and live as naturally as I can! I’ve used oils during all three of my pregnancies, and during labor with my second with great success.

So, what does oil usage look like during pregnancy? You definitely want to be as safe as possible. When in doubt, be cautious. And, do what feels right to you! Read my story and take what works for you, but know that tons of mamas out there have immense success using essential oils to tow the natural living line while growing a little human!

Invest in References

I would recommend a couple books to help you during your prenatal stages:

I refer to these texts all the time, for regular daily living and for safe, effective use of oils during my pregnancies. Game changers that ease your mind!

Join Helpful Communities

Make sure you belong to a supportive oil team. My oil team has a Facebook page devoted to advice and testimonials; it’s where I find advice and weigh in on what has worked for me and my body chemistry. We can all learn from each other! (Need an oil team of your own? Comment below or email me at

Use Facebook for all the on line support you can imagine! There are so many groups that exist out there. The TEM Community is one of my favorites; it’s for the community of oil users that look to Stephanie Fritz (author of Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies). Mamas post real, honest questions and advice all the time.

Finally, just email me! I am ALWAYS available for support. Just shoot me a message and I will help you the best way I can.

Avoid Certain Oils

As recommended by Modern Essentials, avoid certain essential oils during your pregnancy in general:

  • Basil
  • Cassia
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Vetiver
  • Wintergreen
  • White Fir

You should also only use Clary Sage during the last few days of your pregnancy to avoid encouraging early labor or contractions. Finally, some women have experienced a decreased in milk supply using peppermint products (similar to testimonies on using dried sage). I personally have never had an issue, but if you ever had or are concerned about possibly having this reaction, you may want to avoid using peppermint during the third trimester.

Know Your Body

Many oil users, or non-users, will advocate for you to consult your physician. I, of course, will also advocate for you to explore all supports that you have in your pregnancy. However, be cognizant of the fact that your OB may have no experience with essential oils and therefore have no real advice to give. Many practitioners have finally begun to warm up to the idea that natural solutions like essential oils can be used for positive results in all stages of life. Woot woot! But, that does not mean that they have had any schooling or personal experience on using essential oils.

So, know your body and what works for you/what you are comfortable with. Be empowered!

Use the Best Oils for Each Stage

Having done this 2, (now working on 3) times, I feel as though I have some great experience with what works during pregnancy. I compiled all of that experience into an easy-to-follow chart that you can save right to your computer and refer to any time you want. You could even print it out and stick it on your fridge! Get your copy here.

Ok, Community! Let’s help each other out!

How have you used essential oils during your pregnancy? Comment below to share you oil experiences with others.


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