The Lazy Brewer’s Second Ferment

Today’s post comes out of sheer laziness.

What do you do when you’ve brewed 2 gallons of kombucha and you don’t have any fresh fruit, juice, or ginger to flavor it with? You let it sit in its second ferment unflavored and then you add your own flavoring when you go to drink it!!

I’m not opposed to unflavored kombucha; it actually has a nice taste. But sometimes we want something fruity or minty or ginger-y (at least I do). When I have that feeling, I reach for my essential oil cupboard and pull out whatever my heart desires!

I’ve tried to do lemon-flavored and cinnamon-flavored, amongst others, when doing the second ferment for my kombucha…didn’t work. Perhaps I did it wrong, or perhaps those materials just aren’t meant to aid in the second ferment and so it’s just better not to try. But with essential oils, they just add flavor no questions asked! It’s brilliant, I tell you! (Although, I think you do lose some beneficial properties of the kombucha as some oils may alter the probiotic nature and other good bacteria in there – pick your battles, I say)

Some suggestions I have for flavoring:

  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Ginger
  • Wild Orange
  • and really, anything else that has the “Supplement Facts” box on the side of the bottle! (ask me for more information about this)


It’s the most fun I’ve had with kombucha in a long time. So go out there and flavor your bottles as you please! You’re not stuck to whatever flavors you chose when you made it weeks ago! YOU’RE FREE!!!!



lazy second ferment


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