Upcoming Essential Oil Classes

Every month I hold a variety of classes – in person, through webinars, on Facebook, etc. Here you’ll find a list of those classes and locations.


Live Your Best Oil Life! – an essential oil 101 class for anyone interested in the magnificence of essential oils and how to use them effectively for health and wellness. Begins on the 15th of each month.

11/15 – Email hayleywidmer@gmail.com to join this Facebook class, with daily posts and giveaways

Make and Take classes – These classes are offered monthly in Western NY.  We make something different each time! (Cost varies depending on materials)


1/18 – Homemade Hairspray & Moisturizing Lotion Bars * West Seneca, NY * RSVP


2/6 – Essential Oils: Daily Wellness, Lancaster Community Education class. Do you have a wellness lifestyle? Are you satisfied with you health, how your body feels, your emotions, your
sleep? We ALL have something to work toward, an area that we can improve on in our lives. Our bodies
are under constant stress as we move through busy schedules and partake in less then healthy
practices. Participants will learn proactive, effective ways to use essential oils to support a healthy lifestyle,
help reduce your toxic load and learn how to live naturally! Register


3/3 – Essential Oils: Rest & Stress Management, Lancaster Community Education class. An appropriate amount of rest allows your body to recover from a long day, stressful activities and general
wear and tear. We are all pulled in so many directions everyday, and we rarely put rest and relaxation
first in our lives. In this class, we will discuss simple relaxing activities to implement throughout your day
and how to use essential oils to enhance those activities. Each participant will leave with a calming
essential oil sample and an action plan for successful relaxation. Help reduce your toxic load and learn
how to relax naturally! Register

Product Education 201 – These classes are devoted to the products from doTERRA and are offered to wholesale members on my team only. Email for more information: hayleywidmer@gmail.com


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Business Education 101 – These classes focus on getting your oils for free or earning an income from my company of choice and are offered to wholesale members on my team only. Interested in attending? Join my team if you haven’t already and email me for the information! (hayleywidmer@gmail.com)


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Get free products for hosting!

Interested in hosting a class? I treat my hosts well! Every host of mine gets a goody bag filled with oils and products that I love. You are also are rewarded with bigger gift packages based on sales made at your class. You could $100 or more in free products! I do all the work, you just invite your friends and family. Ready to host a class of your own? Email me: hayleywidmer@gmail.com.

Check back for updated information!


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