Wool Dryer Balls

Today’s post is about how to keep your clothes chemical-free in the dryer…wool dryer balls! They make a great gift for friends or family – give them to anyone who has difficulty with laundry product allergies or is pioneering for a cleaner laundry routine. They’re super easy to make and they keep your clothes static-free. Keep reading to find out how to make them!


2 skeins of 100% wool (each at least 200 yards in length)

1 yarn needle

essential oils of choice (my brand of choice)

That’s it!

You should try to get two skeins of wool that are at least 200 yards in length. From that amount, you should be able to make 6 3-in dryer balls.

wool dryer balls

Begin by wrapping the yarn around a few of your fingers about 20 times. Then, slip it off of your fingers and wrap more yarn around the middle about 20 times again. This should make a little bundle.

At this point, you can start wrapping the yarn around the bundle repeatedly, rotating from side to side and adjusting the angles of the yarn to begin to form it into a sphere. If I notice that it is wider in one section than in another, I will just rotate the ball and start wrapping yarn in another area.

Continue wrapping until you have a sphere that is at least 3 inches in diameter.

Cut the yarn, leaving about 10 inches hanging off of the sphere. Thread the knitting needle onto the yarn and poke through the ball and pull through to the other side. You should be able to do this about 3 times. This helps to secure the yarn inside and “knot” it, so be sure to do at least 3 times. Once it is short enough that you can no longer pull it through, cut the yarn right at the surface.


Then, start winding up your next ball!

Continue until you have 6 dryer balls. Tie them up in a stocking or pair of leggings you don’t want anymore ( 😉 ) and place them in the washing machine. You need to run them through the wash a minimum of 3 times; I check mine after 3 passes to see if they have “felted” and toss them back in if they’re not ready yet.

You’ll know they’re felted once they individual strings have “melted” together and the outer surface looks more like felt than yarn. Now, you have dryer balls that will stay together in the dryer!


If you’d like to add a faint scent to your laundry, or even extra cleansing power, then add a couple drops of essential oil to your dryer balls! Try flowery scents like lavender or geranium. Or, use a cleansing blend to add extra cleaning oomph to your load! (Ask me what cleansing blend I use!) Use 2-3 drops per ball, or add more for a stronger scent.

Visit my page Essential Oils for more information on how to join the world of essential oils!

Remember that these products have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Any essential oil product, recipe or protocol suggested here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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